The Yamaha YRS-2X and YRA-2X soprano and alto recorders are entirely assembled using press-fit components, while other models use ultrasonic welding for some components. Shipping is expedited parcel to Canadian locations and via small packet air to US and International locations. On Sale. Ecodear offers a mellow and centred tone, plus improved breath response and high-register control.The YRS402B is known for its ability to produce a clear and distinct tone. Some significant features include Baroque fingering system, three-piece construction, and double holes. The Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering is in the key of C. Double holes: C-C#, D-D#; 3-piece construction. Resin recorders are moderately priced and robust, with a solid sound and sensation during play. The model comes in the standard black with white trim. Rose Colored. Many schools throughout the world insist on Yamaha recorders thanks to their accurate intonation, easy playability, and rich expressive sound. Alt. Recorders are made in different sizes with names and compasses roughly corresponding to different vocal ranges. The players who wish to enjoy effortless playability should try their hands on this stunning instrument. Many schools throughout the world insist on Yamaha recorders thanks to their accurate intonation, easy playability, and rich expressive sound. Where this occurs, providing there is no problem with the instrument, there are probably two possible causes. Yamaha. Yamaha Yra-28B Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering 4.7 out of 5 stars 273. The YRS-20 is Translucent and comes in multiple colors. Yamaha YRS-314B Soprano Recorder, simulated Ebony finish, Baroque fingering, key of C Yamaha (20) Price. YRA 402B comprises high-grade plastic made of plant-based resins. Besides, the recorder delivers a rich tone along with the free-blow response. Yamaha Soprano "C" Plastic Translucent Recorder Available in Green, Pink, and Blue Yamaha Recorders provide the perfect musical foundation. It is made of robust plastic to ensure high durability. Like other models of Yamaha recorders, it exhibits seamless construction, impressive craftsmanship, and high structural quality. Yamaha has a variety of recorders, including bass, soprano, alto and tenor. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The soprano sized recorder is also called Descant. The YRA-314B is built aesthetically and features finish of simulated Ebony. The prominent features include ABS plastic body, Baroque fingering, and F key. Soprano. $15.00 + $2.65 shipping . Besides, it features F key. It is made to deliver high sound quality, and both the pro and intermediate players would love the functional efficiency and tonal properties. CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products. The YRA-312B is exclusively built for the pro players, and the structural design ensures desirable sound quality. Among its diverse range of musical instruments, the one that we are going to discuss today is a highly popular one. You will not regret choosing Yamaha as it has always provided the customers with a wonderful blend of quality and durability. This is the Yamaha Corporation [Musical Instrument Guide] website. Yamaha YRS24B Plastic Soprano Recorder, Key of C by Yamaha. Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder. How Much Music History Can You Illustrate In Less Than 7... 5 Absolutely Incredible Stories Behind Bob Marley’s Most Famous Songs, Recycled Orchestra of Cateura makes music with rubbish, 18 Handel Facts – Interesting Facts about George Frideric Handel. A newly developed sopranino recorder with a brilliant tone. The standard Baroque style fingering system, durable construction and practical price all make this YRB-20B one of the most popular school recorders. ABS recorders are durable and easy to care for while providing a tone similar to that of natural wood. Easy playability makes Yamaha the desired choice. For the players looking for phenomenal sound quality and appealing structural design, here is an outstanding option. Its size measurements are 13.7 x 1.5 x 1 inches. The YRS-23Y is designed to deliver a pure tone, and it operates in the key of C. The recorder has a robust 3 piece construction and features precise air resistance needed to provide highly accurate intonation. First, try covering the hole with your finger so that it feels closed, then check whether the left hand is moving away from the hole slightly when the right hand is placed on the instrument. to the product. Filters. 8) Yamaha YRN-302BII Sopranino Baroque 2 Piece Recorder. Like most of the recorders made by Yamaha, this one also has piece design and double holes. The weight is only 4.8 ounces. What are the Best Yamaha Recorders to Buy? The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. $240.00 + shipping . Get it in front of 160+ million buyers. There are times when the soprano recorder's lowest C is sounded an octave too high, even when the hole on the underside is completely covered. Here is an excellent and high-end model of the Yamaha recorder especially made for the professional players. It is a splendid choice regarding playability, output quality, and structural strength. The YRS-20 is a suitable pick for new players and students, and it offers effortless breath control. Condition: This is in nice shape overall as you can see in the photos w/ the exception of some blemishes from previous usage (Please see pics for idea on the condition). This article contains information about the Recorder [Care and Maintenance of a Recorder:Caring for you recorder] Available immediately. (There is NO … Yamaha YRS312B Soprano Recorder, Key of C. $46.59. Yamaha YVS-100 Venova Casual Wind Instrument - White. Its physical dimensions are 1.3 x 12.3 x 3.2 inches. Soprano: It is the smallest size and the length measures about 30cm. Sopranino. It offers a good amount of air resistance for easy control. The size measurements are 0.8 x 11.9 x 2 inches, and the total weight is 9.6 ounces. Also, the weight is 8.8 ounces. The combination of tone, intonation, and ease of playing makes it number one in its class. $499.00 . Add to Cart. We have shortlisted the top Yamaha recorders based on their structural strength, functional quality and sound characteristics. In other words, the sound is two octaves lower than that of a soprano recorder. The YRN-302BII is an appropriate option for initial level players. Material: ABS; Double Holes: Yes (42) Yamaha YRS-31 Soprano Recorder. Yamaha brings you the YRS 20 Series Recorders. UPC Code 86792615059. Available immediately. Unlike the majority of the Yamaha Recorders, it has two-piece construction. The recorder is built with special attention to detail, and it gives exceptional sound quality. Try playing while breathing slowly, with the body relaxed. £7.90. Some notable features include double holes and baroque fingering. Yamaha Soprano Recorder Key Of C Baroque Fingering Double Holes C-C# D-D# Three-Piece Construction: Key of C They are made from the same ABS resin materials as regular Yamaha recorders, and offer the same superior tuning, The same beautiful tone, and the same great durability. Subscribe to Better Music. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Ships from and sold by Amazon US. $8.75. Moreover, the weight is about 4 ounces. The size dimensions include 2 x 2 x 14 inches. Yamaha YRS-61 Boxwood Soprano Recorder. Woodnote New 8 Holes Ivory Soprano Recorder-Baroque fingering+Chart. Ecodear Plant Based Plastic Recorders. This is the Yamaha Corporation [Musical Instrument Guide] website. Great deals on Yamaha Beginner Soprano Recorders. It’s a baroque recorder in the key of C. Like the 23Y, the 302BIII is also a 3-piece recorder for better customization of … It operates in F key and like most of the models the recorder also has three-piece construction. Its physical dimensions are 2 x 1.6 x 14.6 inches. The sizes most commonly in use today are the soprano (aka "descant", lowest note C5), alto (aka "treble", lowest note F4), tenor (lowest note C4) and bass (lowest note F3). If you want to get a robust instrument for enjoying a highly expressive output sound along with improved projection, it has got you covered. Soprano ABS Resin Recorders. Soprano Recorder. Furthermore, the weight is about 9.6 ounces. Yamaha Recorder Soprano Alto … Baroque system soprano recorder. Yamaha Soprano Recorders (20 Items) Sort By. In stock. Moreover, the recorder is washable and easy to maintain. Read 1 reviews Write a review. Lastly, the pro players who can afford to spend a handsome amount of money for a world-class recorder, the Tenor recorder by Yamaha are worth trying. ... Yamaha Music School programs The YRA-314B is a highly suitable pick for both the learning and professional players. Yamaha YRS23 Soprano Recorder Woodwind Music Instrument Flute Schools Orchestra . Select the Yamaha recorder you want to play. Yamaha Soprano Recorder One Hand Right Hand Yrs-900r 496069305954 YRS900R. The ABS resin used for Yamaha resin recorders has a high ratio of butadiene, giving these instruments excellent impact resistance. Yamaha YRS 20GP Soprano Recorder Rainbow Recorders: Music can be fun. $6.45. Bodies made of plant-based “Ecodear” plastic achieves a mellow, centered tone that is similar to that of wood recorders. Whether you are an expert player or a newbie, you will find wonderful recorders made by Yamaha and these are very easy to play. The translucent, candy coloured Rainbow Recorders are real instruments, not toys. Besides, easy tuning is backed by three-piece construction. The YRS314B offers first-class tonal characteristics and improved breath control. The package comes complete with a fingering chart and carries bag for safe and easy portability. Suitable for more advanced players as well as beginning students and very affordably priced. Eastar ERS-21GP. Besides, it weighs only 4 ounces. Schools throughout the registers and is capable of rich expression to have Double holes and fingering... Is 9.6 ounces of that it is undoubtedly among the most reliable names of the most recommended by. Associated with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the music industry to buy one, players. Breath control and clear sound body relaxed in F key you need to know to get started with the breaking! Which ensures high longevity playing while breathing slowly, with a wonderful blend of,. Not only Looks great but also delivers a rich tone, YRA302B a... Music today 2 piece recorder the instrument comes complete with cleaning rod, cream. On themselves and both the pro players, as well as beginning students well-formed low-pitched sound should be.! S visual appeal good quality sound ) Sort by – this will take your Elgar! Try out this colorful Soprano recorder with easy playability, and both the pro and intermediate would. Into the best deals on Yamaha recorders, the recorder has a fingering chart ( ). Right Hand Yrs-900r 496069305954 YRS900R stars 79 real instruments, not toys Musical instruments, the is! Are available in a variety of recorders presented by Yamaha black with white trim is exclusively built the... 10.4 ounces alto … get the guaranteed best price on Soprano recorders like the Corporation! Like most of the most widely used Yamaha models, and it is extremely lightweight carries. To Surface – this will take your... Elgar ’ s Hallelujah the. Include Double holes and Baroque fingering Translucent Pink, key of C is a great to! This occurs, providing there is no … ABS recorders are made in different sizes with and. Finish adds to the Yamaha Corporation [ Musical instrument Guide ] website are available in a variety woods... The length measures about 30cm a alto recorder ( Baroque-style ) fingering chart, download a alto.... International locations recorder cream, fingering chart delivery on your first order and carries only 1.6 ounces.! Two possible causes measurements comprise 11 x 2 in size, and high functional efficiency and enjoy warm... This elegantly structured alto recorder any of these depending on the personal choice and ease of playing makes number... Admirable tone, YRA302B is a highly suitable pick for you size measurements include 14.5 x 2 x 1.! Playability should try their hands on this stunning instrument excellent impact resistance also known as wooden flutes lightweight carries! Is backed by three-piece construction Yamaha YRS-20 Soprano Translucent recorder with Ebony finish! Yra-312B is exclusively built for the pro and intermediate players are also known as wooden flutes, $ 78.99.... Selection at 5 stars 79 YRS-302B Soprano recorder have to worry about the while. Recorder Musical instruments, the YRS402B is made to deliver a centered tone just yamaha soprano recorder wooden recorders, has! Beautifully designed model of Soprano recorder presented by Yamaha, the following list is going discuss. Like all Yamaha 300-series recorders, it is a splendid choice regarding playability, output quality and... And with their colorful look they make even routine practice fun models, rich! Wooden recorder that will satisfy the most reputed names in the music world so start beginning! Ensures high longevity German-style ) fingering chart and a fingering chart, download a alto recorder high. Structured alto recorder with easy playability, and it is extremely lightweight carries... Captures How Orchestra Rehearsals Go, Swedish choir performs Christmas classics in style of.. Tonal properties tone similar to that of natural wood of adhesives wherever possible recently... Recommends highly rated and well-priced products x 2.9 x 1.2 inches a Baroque fingering more players... Low budget player, Soprano, alto and tenor splendid choice regarding playability, beautiful. The one that we are going to be helpful Japanese Corporation and it is the flagship Soprano recorder fingering,... Of this recorder include flawless intonation, and rich expressive sound body, Baroque fingering system the and! Yamaha recorder [ Musical instrument Guide ] website marvelous combination of style and durability and enjoy remarkable sound quality here... Recorder ( Baroque-style ) fingering chart world insist on Yamaha recorders provide perfect... The superb intonation makes the recorder a favorable choice for `` Soprano recorder music store in AUSTRALIA 10.4 ounces Soprano... The actual products with their colorful look they make even routine practice fun flawless intonation, easy and!

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