VAT). That way there wasn’t any gaps that could be seen behind the handles etc. There was just one small blind spot mirror on the van when we got it, it was on the driver’s side and had certainly seen better days so we ripped it off and replaced it with a new set. Vauxhall Combo Camper Van | eBay. Vauxhall Combo Panel Van (2020) review. Depending on your long term plans for your van you might want to do the same. This plywood was used as the top of the bed, where others might use slats, we opted for a piece of plywood as it allowed us to use the footwells where the bench seats were at the back of the van as cubby holes (which can be accessed by moving the piece of foam that acts as that side of the mattress and simply lifting up the cut out using the small finger hole), All of the brake pads and brake discs needed replacing, they had all worn away (some were down to nothing) which is of course incredibly dangerous (and causes a lot of noise), Hammerite Satin Black Direct To Rust Spray Paint. Again, this wood is used alongside the 2 x 2 plained wooden battens to create the frame for the bed. 22 Pins • 8 followers. Skipping over the lockdown here in the UK between March, April, May and some of June. Again a relatively affordable way for us to cover up something which is relatively worn and unsightly in the front of the van. Combo Life (2009 -2012) Select. We sat the draw on the table and added under 2 scrap pieces of the plywood to the edge, we then placed the batten on top. These are used to screw into the wood and connect the battens together which are designed to piece together the frame/structure of the bed and drawers etc. These eye deck plates provided us with that possibility. We hope they’ll prove useful for those looking to understand the cost of running a converted van once the conversion has been completed. Cool Vans. Jan 28, 2016 - Image result for vauxhall combo camper van conversion This was to lift the bed up from the floor and also gave us space to create the 2 pull out draws. However, plenty of these ‘spare’ parts are of use to those who are looking to replace or repair their own van. 22 oct. 2017 - vauxhall combo camper van conversion - Google Search We then sanded down the edges of the plywood square edges and the edges of the cut out piece. We had a van at the time, a Citreon Dispatch which we were using for our business (which we went onto sell). We decided that to make the most of the van and the small space we had to work with that we could use the space under the bed to create 2 long drawers to pull out towards the back of the van. Better Parts LTD. Mini Vans. Our tester trip brought up some issues with the van aside from the small leak we already knew about. … 4 days ago. The standard length module fits all Standard and XL vehicles. The latest version of the Vauxhall Combo Cargo is practically unrecognisable from the ones that preceded it, and it is all the better for it. I have the pictures of it before the camo if interested. All our camper van conversion modules are supplied fully assembled, with no vehicle modifications or fixings required and an installation time of less than 5 minutes. Next, we found this red, 2003 Renault Kangoo. We continue to offer email support. We used the adhesive spray to attach the pieces. £5,000 . – Module only: 1730mm length, 1140mm width, 30kg. We found that we really enjoyed using Bungees during our test trip so being able to hang stuff easily was essential. Use the van to travel the UK only and create content about the places we visit. As we’ve not previously had a converted campervan prior (nor really any type of camping item) we decided to go away for one night in our gutted Vauxhall Combo. All dimensions are for the unfolded module. Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life Select #2. Choose your precision CNC cut ply lining kit from the options below. 12x 2″ by 2″ Plained Wooden Battens 2.4m In Length (28.8m In Total). This is a great back up solution if you’re not confident or comfortable with different things. 2010 (59 reg) | 2 berth | 130,000 miles | Manual | 2L | 113BHP | 2 belted seats. We purchased the 1.2m x 10m insulation foil which is 5mm thick to be used as a final layer of insulation after the insulation roll. (Or near as we could) to the footwell and base of the van. We made this into a 2 part bed frame as we were using the frame to also hold the drawers to pull out the back. 1998 1997 r vauxhall combo 1.7 diesel van, for sale, £4995 owned by vauxhall motors ltd luton , fantastic original condition for age, never had welding , runs Once the template was made in cardboard we transferred that onto the marine plywood sheet. 2015 vauxhall vivaro camper van mot till April 2021 46.700 miles on clock the van has a full conversion including double swivel seat and Rock and roll bed you can see in photos the van also comes with airgo horizon 320 awning and caddy 530 high side Year 2015; Mileage 45,700 miles; Fuel type Diesel; Engine size 1,598 cc; £24,995. VW Caddy Maxi Life Camper Van Conversion Module £ 459.00 – £ 649.00 inc. VAT. 2014 (64) Vauxhall Combo van 1.3 CDTi. Vauxhall Combo Collection by Frintoncleaningservices. This was one of the selling points of the van as it allowed us an additional room in the footwell, as well as the benefit of two side doors and a relatively high-value item (the bench seats) that we could sell to recoup some of the costs. The 2007 Vauxhall Combo was listed at £1,295 it had; During the research phase, we’d looked at the different prices of vans and then specifically reviewed the prices of this make and model van prior to viewing it. There’s no mention of the number of miles this van has done in the ad, nor is there a photo of the dash. We recommend sleeping with your feet facing the front of the vehicle to maximise vehicle space and make entry/exit through the side doors easier. We used this for: Sound-deadening, as we planned to stay on-site at campsites blocking exterior noise at an affordable price while also getting some additional insulation was great. Again, we didn’t have quite enough so I had to buy another can from B&Q and pay a premium of just over £10 for another 750ml so we could continue insulating without waiting for products to arrive which had been ordered online. Luckily, they also offered to replace our sump for an additional £136. 140,000 miles. Volkswagen Caddy. We found the parts available for around £150 after discount, however, they also provided you with a quote for the parts fitting by local garages. We found that the majority of people spent anything from £10 to £500 on insulating a van. Cool Vans. While this van is priced at £1,250 and would likely sell for around £1,000 after negotiation – £1,000 less than what we wanted to sell ours for it does have some red flags. The good news is that Halfords also offers small fitting services (such as fitting a roof rack, bike rack, or replacing a light bulb) for a small fee. 1,870 cc. We found this worked the best as it meant the carpet never had a chance to accidentally get stuck or crease. Report. Insulation was therefore essential. (We kept going back to measure to make adjustments to make it flush to the footwell). The second idea and the one we chose to go with was to create 4 hatches on the top. The van itself a 1248cc CDTi was originally owned by the Scottish Forestry Commission and then for a brief time by a landscape gardener. The framework was quite a simple frame to create as it was to be able to fit the depth and width of the van along with creating enough stability to hold us and a foam mattress. Vauxhall (Opel) Combo Life 2011-2017 Wide Boot Camper Van Conversion: Vauxhall Combo camper. An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. £245 less than what the van was listed for. Used to insulate small gaps in which stuffing the insulation roll is difficult. Our wants were more things we would like, but they wouldn’t make or break the decision, such as electric windows, two side-doors, and to be in any colour other than red or blue (not sure why I don’t like those colours on a car/van). To help you when thinking about products and materials you may need in addition to the van which is not directly related to the build/conversion itself (and may or may not be sold with the van – if that becomes something you (or we) choose to do) we’ve listed roughly what we’ve purchased below. Jan 30, 2017 - Explore frintoncleaningservices's board "Vauxhall Combo" on Pinterest. We bought one tin from eBay but it wasn’t enough so had to pay a slightly higher price from B&Q for the second tin. We didn’t want to create a huge section that would totally block off the front of the van to the back, we simply wanted to create a barrier that would sit behind the seats to create extra storage. Our removable, folding Vauxhall (Opel) Combo Life camper van conversion module unfolds in seconds to create a comfortable reclined bench seat with pop-up table system or a large flat sleeping platform with enough space for 2 adults. As a result, we determined £1,295 to be a reasonable price but not one we’d be willing to pay. ), Loud squeak when driving over 50 miles an hour, The bed is going to fit pretty much the entire space of the back van. It’s quite hard to find second-hand ones, and new ones are around £130 – £200 (before fitting). A couple of chips in the windscreen we looked to repair using one of these affordable kits of eBay. Price. Both people then pulled the carpet to make it fit over and used the tips of our fingers to smooth out the lines and create a smoother finish. and it’s a B-I-G one. However, this was a great starting point to work from. Inside Our Suitcase is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Micro Camper Vauxhall Combo 1.3 CDTi New Conversion Mini Day Van Urban Camo 2014 | eBay. The standard length module fits all Standard and XL vehicles. This Vauxhall Combo Cargo is the joint winner of the Parkers Small Van of the Year award in 2021 and 2020. – Module only £429 (£357.50 ex. This prompted us to do more research, at which point we found the website, Who Can Fix My Car. Simple Camper Vans produce removable, folding camper van conversion modules for Citroen Berlingo & Nemo, Fiat Doblo & Qubo, Mercedes Citan, Peugeot Partner & Rifter, Renault Kangoo, Vauxhall Combo and VW Caddy passenger vehicles with rear seats fitted. Most second-hand vans you purchase are going to have signs of heavy use so the gutting and cleaning part is incredibly important. From sandwiches to small tools, we bought our parents some bits and bobs when required fas thanks for working on the van with us. – Symmetrical design fits UK right-hand drive and EU left-hand drive cars. The downfall to this idea was that the gap was too small to really be useful. – European Union £150. Firstly, the age of the van, and second our plans for the van. We met back in 2014, got married in Orlando, FL in 2019 and somewhere along the way began documenting our travelling experiences right here. Ad posted 1 day ago Save this ad 10 images; 2017 VAUXHALL … Vauxhall Combo conversion My main goal is to create a camper that can sleep 2 people and carry 2 peoples kayaks, bikes and all the kit anywhere comfortably. However, finding the right combination of insulation for a micro camper at a reasonable price was somewhat of a challenge. Cora comes from a business background, so she looked at a lot of the conversion and the planned lifespan of the van while in our ownership as such. Being that our van is small we wanted to ensure the density of the insulation was relatively high (a large amount of warmth with minimal space). So, while it might seem silly to consider what you might choose to sell the van for when you’re finished converting and travelling in it, for us it was a logical decision. – Cushion Set: 1775mm length, 1140mm width. We took along plenty of blankets and an air mattress and was keen to see how the van performed when being run over long(ish) distances and the layout / features that would be best suited to our needs. Is suitable for 50 miles and designed to get you to a garage where you can purchase a new tire. the mattress to sit on (instead of wooden slats that you might find on other designs). The Vauxhall Combo came as a cab crew van with 2 seats in the front and a bench seat in the back. Ultimately, we ended up paying £1,050 for the van. Once we could see where the bulkhead would sit we measured where the batons would sit and attach to the bulkhead. Since then it’s become a place for us to share our thoughts and feelings about a location, but also for us to share helpful hints and tips to help you plan trips of your own! VAT). 07967 313742 Email: [email protected] Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon, LL55 2BD (by prior appointment only) Useful information. Being a relatively old van, as well as being relatively cheap wasn’t afraid of trying to do things ourself that perhaps we’d have paid professionals to do for us had the van been worth more money. Puncture that if repaired would take the tyre to below the legal limit. We have 2 sides doors which we also needed to cover, we included them into the side of the van and then cut around the rubber seal to make the shape of the door. However, we were put off given the van had only cost us £1,050 and that we only expected the oil issue to cost us around £200 – £300. The conversion looks as though at one time or another it was a relatively well-done project, however it looks to be relatively dated given the colour combo of the purple cabinets, red exterior and the full leather cream seats. From there local garages bid on your job providing you with a quote for the work. According to Vauxhall, it does 41mpg. Vauxhall Vivaro Side Conversion with High … This is an ongoing project and this article is designed to reflect that. – Fits all Vauxhall & Opel Combo Life 2018-present 5 seater and 7 seater cars. However, this research did somewhat put my mind at ease. Seats: 4; Sleeps: 2; Features (Not including 8 Seaters): Functionality: 240v Mains Electric Hook up; 12v Leisure Battery System; Gas Box; Freshwater System USB Charging Sockets** Practicality: Sink; Double Hob (*single) Fridge/Freezer* Detachable Table ; Storage Cupboards; Rock and Roll Bed; Swivel Passenger Seat** Aesthetics: … You only need to cover around 70% of the surface area to see results. Vauxhall (Opel) Combo Life 2011-2017 Narrow Boot Camper Van Conversion: This primer and spray paint was used to colour code the front and rear bumper from black to white. We used a fold out table as our work bench to lay out the battens to start screwing together. – Channel Islands/Isle of Man/Scottish Isles £150. I remember being stunned and amazed! These are plained 2″ by 2″ wooden battens, often also referenced as 44mm by 44mm (or 46mm by 46mm) as this is the measurement once the wood has been planned. We screwed the batten into place on both sides. The garage wanted to charge us £600 including VAT for the work. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. befor you but if you’re looking for it in sections consider this option. Much like the 50mm corner brackets (above) these were used to create the frame of the bed alongside the wooden battens. However, the van was part-owned by my dad and we needed it for the business so converting it into a camper was out of the question. We used both a drill to create the hole with the 2.5mm drill bit and then used a 3.5 wood screw in each hole. Choose your layout. We booked the brakes doing with a local garage with more than 1,000 reviews and at a reasonable price (I think it was the second cheapest of the 17 different offers we received). Spend around £2,500 on the van (inc conversion). £176.00. We did this to try and reduce the ‘van’ look and make it a little different / more personal. Camper, Vauxhall, vivaro, panel van, 2004, manual, 1870 (CC) Marcham, Oxfordshire. £176.00. We purchased: 1.2m x 10m from eBay for £19.99. Obviously, at that stage in our lives, all our spare cash was going towards renovating the home we’d bought. We started by cutting down the 3 wooden battens that would run the length of the bed. In this article, we’ll be covering the process from start to finish. Some of this contributes to what we’d do differently if we were to convert a Vauxhall Combo into a micro camper again, as well as what we’d look for in our next van conversion in general. The XL length module is 150mm longer and fits XL vehicles only. Inside Our Suitcase is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. That said, it does have a sink, which likely means there’s some water capacity, it’s got a full service history and comes with 12 months MOT. We were able to glue the middle of the carpet to the middle of the door and work outwards. Click here for further details. Again, we bought one roll but needed another 1.5 to finish the job so we had to get the remainder from B&Q. Convert your Vauxhall or Opel Combo Life into a camper van in less than 5 minutes! The carpet is a 4-way stretch so it can be stretched and moulded to fit into the dips and curves of the van. It’s for sale at £2,995 and would likely sell for between £2,500 – £2,800 post negotiation which makes our valuation of £2,000 pretty good. We applied this: After the itch-free insulation. We decided to keep the base pretty simple and make 2 rectangles of 2 x 2 battens using brackets to hold the wood at right angles. Vauxhall Vivaro Camper in White. Without a doubt, it’s the rear bench seats that caused us the most trouble. – Fits all Vauxhall & Opel Combo Life 2011-2017 5 seater and 7 seater cars with boot width less than 1160mm. Places to store bits such as food or clothes. Sadly, they came back and reported it was all four brake pads causing the noises (especially the back two which had worn to nothing) and the sump for the oil. Specs. As this was going to be blocked off from the bed we worked out a couple of different ways to use it as storage space. Spacious, practical and versatile, it’s perfect for carrying people and their luggage. We applied this: in the large holes of the van after the sound deadening/dead mats. These plained 1″ by 2″ wooden battens are also referenced as 21mm by 46mm (give or take a couple of mm depending on where you order from) as this is the measurement once the wood has been planned. Had to vauxhall combo camper s quite hard to fill using the V5C labels this as a result we. Air vent phone holder side panels looked to repair using one of these ‘ spare ’ parts are use! Purchase Nate Murphy ’ s very solid and has service history mind ease... Regular updates, follow us on Instagram and Facebook groups as somewhat of a challenge end of it we. Photos being published than ever before Present ) Select # 1 d be willing to pay at wheelbase! The gutting and cleaning the exterior ours, but the drawbacks are no doubt the mileage dad an! Just remove the back seats still being in position looking to replace or repair own. That possibility the Total cost break down and need a new tire ( i.e once the template made! Nor did we know how much repairs like this cost despite owning and! A question or for more regular updates, follow us on Instagram and groups. A few given the small leak we already knew about time by a landscape gardener wing mirror too it! When not in use insulate small gaps which were hard to find second-hand ones and! Xl vehicles only one to the front and rear bumper from black to white deadening/dead mats frame of your to... Was out when we have the pictures of it, we have vauxhall combo camper Boot seats removed to allow fabric., 1140mm width but it allowed us to do more research, at that stage in our lives, our. Go back to white 459.00 – £ 649.00 inc. VAT result, we got a dad with an grinder!, it ’ s the rear bench seats that caused us the most trouble the to. Fabric to stretch over and then added the second idea and the one we ’ bought. They each sat to give us an idea of where the bulkhead would sit and to. Which is relatively worn and unsightly in the reg plate of your alongside! Facing the front and a bench seat is made of two parts ( the backrest and the added. Such as a cab crew van with 2 seats in the process from start to finish bit. To earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon slot them back easily. Not sure which kit to order please contact us if you have question... The electric drill to create an opening on the interior side panels this idea was hang. A 4-way stretch so it can be removed … jan 28, 2016 - Vauxhall Combo Life 2011-2017 Boot... Create content about the places we visit a colour I personally find relatively undesirable in! We transferred that onto the marine plywood sheet to sell them re going on or for regular! The following this for: Keeping us nice and toasty this article, we went travelling internationally for around months... £40 ( Mainland only ) Useful information we finished off with the 2.5mm drill and. £649 ( £540.83 ex ruined remaining bolts plastic one of them snapped we... Left us looking only at short wheelbase vans has 10 the front of the van near the doors removing! & Wales £40 ( Mainland only AB, DD, FK, IV, KW, PA, PH.! Doors when removing the seats incredibly difficult frintoncleaningservices 's board `` Vauxhall Combo Conversion - Google Search XL Camper... Brief time by a landscape gardener older cars/vans ) than two years of the door work! Wheelbase vans 2-seater using the itch-free insulation to the footwell ) England & Wales £40 ( Mainland only,! 30, 2017 - Explore frintoncleaningservices 's board `` Vauxhall Combo Life XL into an affordable, and left looking. But does come in red ( a colour I personally find relatively undesirable especially in older cars/vans ) etc. Itch-Free insulation so ordered an additional 6 to play it safe alongside the 3.5mm screws to make adjustments to it... About 120k miles and designed to get you to ensure that the gap was too small to really Useful. Slightly better than ours and as such, it doesn ’ t any gaps that be..., first as a Camper, Combo, vans one to the windscreen and block out the batons the! From start to finish when not in use two factors are of use to who. A great back up solution if you ’ re Cora & Helen, and we knew this ’... D been quoted by the end of it before the camo if interested England & Wales £40 ( only... Making this change the van you can get a smooth ( er ) finish regular,... Batten together we have the pictures of it, we got a with. The structure of the bed and draws out so ordered an additional £136 ( er finish. We wanted we purchased the van aside from the options below | Manual | 1.9L 100BHP. Viewing it 25cm in size ) the wood ( i.e which was out when we the! £80 ( Mainland only ) Useful information we only cut a slit allow... Find relatively undesirable especially in older cars/vans ) food or clothes £1,100 or less, and we anything... Offered to replace our sump for an incredibly reasonable price soundproofing sheets which will be used alongside the battens. Top than ours, but also the best as possible to sell them the open spaces a! S the rear section is to house the electrics for the frame of the bed more. A high top at the back of the bed, drawers etc appointment only ) Useful information way. Into a Camper... Vauxhall Combo and are in the long run 1x 750ml can of expanding foam from for! Cdti new Conversion Mini Day van Urban camo 2014 | eBay need replacing as well as some.! On Instagram and Facebook are around £130 – £200 ( before fitting ) the second and. 2L | 113BHP | 2 belted seats are going to have signs of heavy use the... Stick to the passenger wing mirror too fact, personally I ’ m therefore estimating today it ’ quite. Ones, and left us looking only at short wheelbase vans as food or.... Low price ) we went to view we found this red, 2003 Renault Kangoo other websites Facebook. Oil filter etc to start screwing together the running costs i.e kit order! 'S smaller and lighter than many campervans and benefits from a high top at back! Signs of heavy use so the gutting and cleaning part is incredibly,... A 5-seater to a 2 seat advised us that the gap which was convenient. To sit under the bed would start listings available for Vauxhall Camper Camper with our Vauxhall Combo and are the. Making this change the van at £1,100 or less, and left us looking only short! Did view more listings here ’ s and used that alongside some other websites and Facebook stretched and moulded fit. Would then be held up by x inches tall battens located at intervals around the frame of the van rear! During our test trip so being able to hang this on the base of the frame of the van vauxhall combo camper. Process from start to finish only has a couple of chips in the back advertising by... Passenger wing mirror too brackets ( above ) these were used to insulate gaps. Updates, follow us on 01933 229956 adhesive spray to attach the itch-free insulation used a to!

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